Stainless Steel Polishing

Throughout time, metalworkers have been in a constant battle with the corrosion of their products. Many coatings and preservation techniques have been used, but it was not until stainless steel was developed was there a viable alternative. While only having been commercially produced for the last 100 years, stainless steel has become irreplaceable for many of the products we use on a daily basis.

Stainless steel combats corrosion by alloying standard ferrous steel with 13-26% chromium. In stainless steel passivation, a thin layer of chromium oxide forms on the outside surface of the material as long as oxygen is present. Even if the outer layer is scratched, the passive layer immediately reforms. By blocking the formation of iron oxide, the metal is protected from the destructive corrosive forces that can permeate throughout the material.

Aerospace, chemical, food service, automotive, dental, jewelry and medical industries all use stainless steel for its corrosion resistance. Many of the architectural elements on buildings are also designed from stainless steel. With the addition of chromium, the price of the material can be more than double that of its magnetic counterpart, but when compared with the continual maintenance over the life of the product, stainless it a cost effective alternative.

Stainless steels are produced in many of the same shapes as standard ferrous steels, including sheets, plates, bars and structural shapes. Machinability, heat distortion, deburring, stainless steel polishing and overall workability of stainless steel are among few of its drawbacks. Advances in laser, waterjet, stamping, metal deburring and stainless steel finishing have been able to minimize these character defects.

ISO Finishing has worked with leaders in the medical, firearms, OEM’s, aerospace, injection molding, dental, and food service industries to develop techniques for stainless steel finishing and stainless steel polishing. Our isotropic finishing services leverage our expertise with vibratory deburring and centrifugal polishing with the proper tumbling media and compounds, to enable us to preserve the most technical geometries and machining tolerances. Send us your samples and we will show you how our custom metal finishing services can improve the fit and finish of your finished product.

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