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A built-in media and parts separating system to go along with your centrifugal barrel finishing machine from MFI can help with cleaning up and separating your parts after finishing a job. This process doesn’t have to be a messy one. An automatic parts separator can be designed to work directly with almost any machine provided by MFI. It can definitely make the separation process much easier allowing for faster unloading speeds and less downtime, meaning more money in your or your customer’s pockets.


The PSA Series of Media separators are designed to specifically work with MFI’s HZ Series line of centrifugal barrel finishing machines. Part of the separator fits into the lower part of the barrel machine which allows the user to simply dump finished barrels and separate the parts. Rubber flaps inside the machine guide media, water and parts down on to the separator making for easy cleanup. Water spray nozzles can also be added to clean the parts and media as they move down the separator.

Custom screen sizes are available depending on the media required by the job. These screens can also be quickly changed out to fit different jobs. Multi-level media classification separators that have the ability to sort two different types of media and parts are also available.

Which MFI Product is right for you?

Let us help you solve your mass finishing needs. Along with MFI we take great pride in our reputation for helping our customers find the optimum finishing solutions for a variety of different industries, materials, production processes and product finishing specifications.

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