Descaling Services

Metal Descaling Services

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Removal of Hard Scale

Metal Descaling Services

When the temperature of steel is elevated, a layer of oxides form on or very near the surface of the metal that many times needs to be removed for subsequent manufacturing operations. The tightly adhering oxide film on the metal can come from hot-forming operations, thermal treatments (such as hardening or annealing) or welding. When metal is exposed to hot gases containing oxygen, a heavy and extremely hard scale is formed. Metal descaling of bulk parts is particularly advantageous by vibratory finishing; especially when looking for an alternative to the use of harsh chemicals in conventional Chemical Pickling.

vibratory descaling Services

Vibratory finishing is used when scaling’s have to be effectively and cost-effectively removed. The consumables (abrasive media and compound) determine the surface quality of the components, the roughness and the material removal perfectly and are perfectly adapted to the respective application. There is a myriad of various media and chemical combinations for descaling metal. By understanding your end goals and requirements, Iso Finishing can design a process of descaling your parts and ready them for further operations. Metal descaling is only one of several pretreatment steps available for preparing a part for further processing such as plating, passivation, electropolishing, Radiusing, or to increase tool life in further machining operations. Metal descaling is also essential in any stainless steel (or other metals) whose intent is to be used in a food service environment or where total cleanliness is essential.

When utilizing the vibratory metal descaling process, microscopic valleys, or grooves, are created in the surface of the metal. This assists in the adhesion of chemicals throughout the plating process.


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