Metal Finishing for Custom Metal Products

OEM Custom Metal Finishing and More

Original equipment manufacturers, or OEM’s as they are called, manufacture and supply individual parts, services or assemblies used in their own or another companies finished products. The speed, diversity and logistics of today’s manufacturing environment has made OEM’s a vital link in the supply chain especially for unique, specialty or custom work.

Many OEM’s may be experts in a specific field of manufacturing, like laser cutting or engraving, but may contract out other items like welding, painting or custom metal finishing. Ultimately, if the OEM agrees to supply the finished assembly, it is their responsibility to make sure the contracted outside processes being done, meet all detailed specifications set forth by the end customer.

ISO Finishing has worked in tandem with many different and diverse OEM’s in matching the type of finishing services best suited for their specific application, including custom metal finishing. Some of our OEM partners supply parts to the aerospace, firearms & archery, medical, dental and high performance automotive and cycle industries. These are highly specialized industry niches demanding very tight tolerances and no room for error. Some of the products include bone screws, knee replacement parts, dental bridges, pump impellers, machined instrument panels for aircrafts, aerospace turbines, cam shafts, valves, gears and components. From simple deburring and deflashing to complex multi-step polishing and micro-surface finishing, we have the finishing process to complete your project. Our short lead times, versatile processing experience, repeatability and attention to detail ensure the on-time, high quality parts our customers demands.

Custom Metal Finishing to Exact Specifications

At ISO Finishing we pride ourselves on offering certified precision custom metal finishing services to our OEMs. The manufacturing industry demands short lead times while providing accurate and precise finishing solutions. We offer the shortest lead times in the industry, usually 2-3 days in most situations. Our fast turnaround times and reliable customer service make us a leader in the finishing industry. Our experienced on site engineering and customer service teams will ensure ISO Finishing delivers a product we are proud of every time.

In addition to metal, ISO Finishing works on products made of all types of materials. Contact us today at 1-844-623-7998 for surface perfection on your OEM parts.