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Removing Sharp Edges with Radiusing

Radiusing is a type of deburring which entails the removal or rounding of sharp edges of a part. Parts with sharp edges or burrs can be difficult to handle, may be more likely to become stuck in material handling systems and can lead to injuries.

Parts with sharp edges can be radiused to pre-defined specifications with mass finishing equipment. Vibratory bowls and centrifugal disc machines are a couple of the of the best options for radiusing medium size parts.

Precision cast parts, miniature machined parts or other parts with tight tolerances demand more exact processing. Centrifugal barrels offer the versatility, control and repeatability necessary for these specific items. Due to the lack of data and difficulty involved, it is not uncommon for deburring of precision parts to require up to 30% of the total part costs. ISO Finishing has proven results processing shafts, screws, pins, gears, medical and dental products that can add more to your bottom line.

ISO Finishing Radiusing Service
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