Industries Served

Isotropic Finishing Specialists for:





3D Printed

Additive Manufacturing
3D Printing, Layered Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, Additive Fabrication

Dental fillings, dentures, partials, bridges, brackets, surgical tools, bone screws

Barrels, CBG, carriers, frames, firing pins, optics, triggers, vented ribs

Military & Defense
Armaments, aircraft, firearms, electronics, missiles, ships

OEM’s / Manufacturers
Fabricators, machinists, laser, waterjet, stamped, cast, welded

Aerospace & Aviation
General Aviation, Commercial Aircraft, Aerospace Defense, Aircraft Engines

Energy – Oil & Gas
Oil pumping rigs and equipment

Injection Molding
Plastic, rubber, silicone, titanium, stainless steel

Bone plates, screws, replacements, surgical instruments, orthopedic implants,

Performance Motorsports
Camshafts, crankshafts, gears, rocker arms, valves, pistons, bearings, hardware

In addition to the major markets listed, we also provide toll processing for the jewelry, hydraulic, pharmaceutical, store fixture and display, golf and food service industries.

Our isotropic processing expertise allows us to provide the right finish for the application regardless of product or industry.