Dental and Oral Implement Finishing Services

Serving the Dental Industry

From humble beginnings with crude wood, bone, and shell devices, the dental industry has brought together the manufacturing and medical fields. The dental field has been a leader in materials, design, manufacture and procedures.

Many of the fillings, dentures, partials and bridges are cast in high quality synthetic resins. These molds are made from physical clay impressions or 3D xray models. After the casting is complete, the rough surfaces need to be smoothed and polished to replicate those surfaces of the natural teeth. The high energy cutting and polishing capabilities of the centrifugal barrel machine allow efficient, consistent and repeatable finishing of all types of oral implements.

Dentists and orthodontists have also been pioneers in the development of precision machined bridges, brackets and surgically implanted bone screws. These machined implants and devices have opened the door for many innovations in individual tooth reconstruction, dentures and tooth realignment procedures. ISO Finishing can use our experience to develop a documented processing procedure to provide the comfortable fit and finish for your clients.

ISO Finishing is the experienced and ideal partner for dental component manufacturing companies. To learn more or for fee sample processing, contact us at 1-844-623-7998

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