Deflashing Services

Deflashing: Rubber, Plastic and Metal Residue Removal

Preparing Injection Molded Parts for Customer Use

Injection molding allows for fast, precision manufacturing of any variety of parts in a number of materials. One of the tradeoffs of this speed production is the deposition of small bits of residual material called “flashing” on each part. The parts can’t be used in this condition – that’s where deflashing comes into play.

Deflashing is the process of removing the residual rubber, metal (such as titanium, stainless steel) or plastic material. ISO Finishing uses centrifugal barrel finishing machines as a fast and cost effective way to deflash multiple parts. Utilizing a custom recipe, parts are combined with media, water and soap and processed to a set time and speed.

Once the “flashing” is removed, the parts are rinsed and sent through a secondary wash, rinse and dry cycle to remove any residual media particles. The parts are then ready for use by the customer.

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Short Deflashing Lead Times at ISO Finishing

Choosing the correct method is critical to efficient and effective deflashing. At ISO Finishing, we use mechanical deflashing processes that are ideal for metal, rubber and plastic components. We are an alternative to cryogenic and chemical methods for those looking for a more environmentally friendly deflashing option.

We pride ourselves not only on our experience and the quality of our work, but also on our short deflashing lead times. Customers usually find that their project is finished in less than three days – where else can you find that kind of turnaround?

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