Aluminum Polishing

isofinsishing-aluminium-symbolAluminum is the earth’s third most abundant element and single most abundant metal. Since its discovery, the challenge for aluminum has been how to efficiently mine and refine the metal. Not until the late 1880’s with the invention of the Hall-Heroult electrolytic process was large scale production of metallic aluminum possible. Today, with its light weight, workability, corrosion resistance, and recyclability aluminum has become a facet of everyday life. We specialize in aluminum polishing of parts to improve performance and aesthetics.

With a weight roughly a third of steel, it is the one characteristic most widely associated with aluminum. Aviation, automotive, aerospace, electronics, construction materials, medical device and many other industries rely on aluminum for structural requirements. The ability to reduce weight and save energy are two of the main factors engineers need to consider in almost every product they design.

Another key trait that increases the versatility of aluminum is its high chemical reactivity. It can be alloyed with magnesium, manganese, silicon, copper and other metals to create super alloys tailored to specific applications. Overall yield strength can be increased up to 100 times that of pure aluminum when combined with trace elements. Military forces around the world continue to be a driving force in the development, production and implementation of new aluminum alloys.

Aluminum is commonly produced into plates, rods, sheets, tubes and other standard shapes. With its extremely high ductility it can also be extruded into an almost limitless array of custom shapes. Today’s manufacturers leverage the design flexibility along with advanced machining, deburring and aluminum polishing techniques to reduce overall part costs. The medical industry has benefited from these advances. Devices used in surgical settings, fixtures in hospital rooms and many of the rehabilitation tools used are all examples of aluminum’s use in the medical arena.

ISO Finishing has worked with many of the leading medical and OEM’s in refining the aluminum finishing methods used to create the perfect aluminum part. Whether it is a simple vibratory deburring operation on a stamped blank or the use of centrifugal polishing on a high end machined component, we can develop the highest quality aluminum finishing solution for your application.

Send us your samples and we will process them for free using our aluminum polishing and mass finishing expertise. You’ll be able to see how well our individualized approach to aluminum finishing / isotropic finishing and attention to detail can work for you.

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