Injection Molded Products – Deflashing and Polishing

Injection Molding Finishing Experts

Injection molding is a process for producing parts by injecting a heated material, typically plastic, rubber, silicone titanium or stainless steel, under pressure into a mold. As the material cools the part is formed.

In the process, the injected materials enter a series of gates to fill specific areas of the mold cavity. It is these “gate” areas as well as the mold seams which create raised, unfinished surfaces on the parts.

ISO Finishing has developed processes to remove these undesired bi-products of the injection molding process. We can simply deflash or deburr the parts or polish them as a finished product for your customer. ISO Finishing has the equipment, media and know how to solve any issue of your molding process.
ISO Finishing works on products made of all types of materials. Contact us today at 1-844-623-7998 for creating surface perfection on your Injection Molded.


ISO Finishing Injection Molding
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