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Machined Brass Coupling

Many of today’s plumbing and industrial fluid transfer fittings are made from variety of brass and bronze alloys.  Used primarily for their corrosion resistance, these copper alloys are also ideal materials for polishing, clear coating and chrome plating.  For this project, we started with a 1.25” dia x 3” long precision machined fitting.  We cut and polished the part, removing all of the tooling marks and machining burrs to prepare it for chrome plating.

316 Stainless Steel Investment Casting

Stainless steel has been the go-to metal in applications whenever corrosion is a concern. It is relatively hard so it also lends itself to applications where “wear and tear” is a design concern. In this example, we started with an investment casting, .25” thick and 3.25” diameter, with a surface Ra of 327. By starting with an aggressive ceramic media, followed with plastic and polishing media, we were able to achieve a final Ra of 7. These promotional marketing medallions will withstand the test of time.

Cast Aluminum Aftermarket Exhaust Cap

Castings are one of the most cost effective means of producing parts with complex geometries. An aftermarket automotive accessories manufacturer wanted a way to remove some of the casting inconsistencies and ease the edges on the overall profile on the aluminum castings. For these 6” x 6” x 12” custom exhaust caps we used multiple plastic medias to achieve a smooth, polished surface while maintaining the “rough” characteristics of the product.

Architectural Brass Railing Finials

Architects will often incorporate brass components when clients are looking for design features with a traditional, warm, highly reflective surface. In this particular example, a national architectural metals supplier was looking for a way to remove the oxidation from the forged brass birdcage baskets. We used the centrifugal barrel process with a media that would pass thru the part. All of the surfaces of the 2” diameter x 4” long component had the same high end luster to match the rest of the project.

Cast and Machined Alloy Steel Handgun Slides

Many of todays’ firearms are manufactured by machining components produced by the investment casting or injection molding process. Parts produced by either means still require finishing to remove burrs and improve the surface quality. For these 1” x 1” x 8” high performance alloy steel handgun slides we combined the appropriate cutting and polishing media to provide the pre-plating finish required.

Cast 316 Stainless Steel Baby Spoons

Stainless steel is used almost exclusively in the manufacture of todays’ utensils and cutlery. Adjusting nickel, chromium and other trace elements allows the design of specific alloys designed to match each unique application. For these .25” x .75” x 6” custom baby spoons we were able to cut and polish the 316 stainless steel casting to a mirror surface ready for individual laser marking. We can also use the same approach and offer smooth, satin finishes for applications requiring a matte finish.

Machined Titanium Knee Replacement Component

Advances in medical technology have made knee and other joint replacement procedures commonplace to maintaining todays’ active lifestyle. As with all assemblies with a mechanical point of contact, the reduction of friction is key to the longevity of the component. The precise, repeatable centrifugal barrel process is ideal in producing the consistent, ultra-low Ra surface for all medical components. For these 2” x 2.5” x 2.5” x machined titanium components we were able to uniformly polish all surfaces to meet the challenging design parameters required to ensure part performance and longevity.

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