Tumbling and Finishing Media

Which Media Solution is Right for You?

ISO Finishing Tumbling Media Solutions

Almost every manufacturing company requires the rough surfaces on their manufactured small parts to be smoothed and polished. Regardless of the industry or the job at hand, using the right media for the desired finish is paramount to ensuring a quality finish. ISO Finishing offers a wide array of media solutions for any process.

Importance of the Right Tumbling Media

To the outsider, all tumbling media might look the same; however, the type of material in question and type of finishing required play a part in choosing the best media for the job.

For example, plastic or synthetic is often the best choice for deburring soft metals like aluminum and brass. When the job calls for general metal removal, descaling, or fast and heavy cutting, ceramic may be the media of choice. Porcelain media, when combined with burnishing compounds in tumble polishing, has the unique ability of providing the final finish to many metal products. For those products requiring the ultimate luster and sheen, processing the parts in our custom blend of corn cob and additives is the proven solution.

At ISO Finishing, we stock not only plastic and ceramic but also porcelain, stainless, corncob and other organics and synthetic medias. We carry a variety of shapes as well including:

  • Cylinders
  • Cones
  • Pyramids
  • Triangles
  • Spheres
  • Wedges
  • Tristars

The quality of any surface finish not only comes from the individual machine but from the correct selection of finishing medias and compounds. By partnering with BV Products we have the capability of supplying an extensive variety of plastic and ceramic, as well as porcelain and other high density polishing medias. We can confidently provide our customers with chemical compounds and medias that are all developed and made by BV Products to suit almost every application. Whether it’s polishing, etching, cleaning or corrosion inhibition you require, we can provide our customers with the right compound.

From Tumble Polishing to any Finishing Need

Whether you’re interested in tumble polishing or any other centrifugal finishing method, ISO Finishing has the perfect tumbling media for the job.

Not sure of your tumbling media requirements? Not a problem. Our free sample processing allows us to help you define your specific media requirements. Contact us today and let our 75 years of experience get you on your way to the ideal media solution.

Let Our 75 Years of Experience Help You Choose the Ideal Media Solution

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