ISO Finishing is excited to announce the addition of a new, state-of-the-art machine to its diverse inventory of high-energy surface improvement equipment: the MFI HZ-85 Centrifugal Barrel Machine.

A cutting-edge breakthrough in the market, the HZ-85 is the culmination of Mass Finishing Inc.’s 20+ years of centrifugal barrel finishing expertise. MFI has leveraged its extensive engineering experience and successful results of the industry-leading HZ-60 to meet the increased demands of OEM’s and manufacturers alike.

The new HZ-85 can accommodate all materials and a wide spectrum of geometries—it will be able to process parts 3” in diameter and 32” inches long.  Smaller and shorter components that require segregated, impingement-free tumbling will benefit from four additional compartments molded within the longer barrels.  The machine’s 25% increase in length (volume) will allow for a wider range of product processing, increased efficiency, and quicker part turnaround.

ISO specializes in complete finishing services for all major markets including medicalaerospaceOEM, and firearm industries.  ISO’s mechanical surface improvement expertise combined with MFI’s front-line high energy equipment make ISO Finishing a strong competitor in the parts finishing industry. They are committed to providing industry-leading delivery times and well known for their customer service.

Additionally, ISO offers high energy centrifugal barrel finishing equipment, vibratory tubs and bowls, and a complete line of ceramic, plastic, and synthetic tumbling medias, compounds and solutions. (ISO Finishing is ISO 9001/2008 and FFL certified.)

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