Surface polishing plays a vital role in the performance of parts in a variety of industries, especially when it comes to orthopedic part polishing. From aviation and aerospace to performance motorsports, surface polishing influences how well parts perform. While critical for many industries, the performance of polished parts is perhaps most integral in the medical industry. Surface finishing of orthopedic parts such as artificial joints is crucial to a patient’s recovery and quality of life.

With patient outcome in mind, consistently achieving production efficiency, dimensional accuracy, and high-performance surfaces is essential to orthopedic component manufacturing. Mass finishing provides the perfect solution for creating a superior surface functionality. Surface finishing processes like vibratory and centrifugal barrel finishing quickly and reliably delivering the results required for orthopedic parts such as:

  • Bone Plates
  • Suture Anchors
  • Reattachment Buttons
  • Surgical Tools
  • Artificial Joints

Benefits of Surface Polishing for Orthopedic Parts

In addition to achieving the ultra-smooth surfaces demanded by the industry, surface polishing has several benefits for orthopedic parts.

Improved Strength and Lifespan

Parts having undergone surface polishing are stronger, more durable, and longer-lasting than unfinished parts. Polished orthopedic parts also have a stronger resistance to corrosion, which is imperative when dealing with components implanted in the body.  Polishing helps improve surgical success and patients’ quality of life.

Polishing Prevents Part Fatigue

Ensuring orthopedic parts are long lasting requires special attention to part fatigue, a phenomena occurring when a part or structural component experiences cracking and subsequent failure due to alternating or cyclical stressors. Part fatigue can have dire consequences for patients with medical devices and implants such as artificial joints and bone stems. The polishing process eliminates stressors that cause part fatigue, creating a uniform finish free of abrupt surface changes. It also helps to prepare metal orthopedic parts for any surface coatings they may receive.

Cleaner, More Sanitary Tools and Components

Hygiene is an important aspect of every facet of patient care, whether it’s the environment where they are treated or the tools and components used. The quality of those tools and components can have a direct impact on patient outcomes. Orthopedic components and surgical instruments with a smoother surface prevent contaminants like bacteria from clinging to the part’s exterior. The parts are also much easier to clean and sanitize, effectively improving patient safety and recovery.

ISO Finishing is an Industry Leader in Surface Finishing for Orthopedic Components

Over the years, ISO Finishing has worked with a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, cobalt chrome, titanium, and polymer alloys. Our experience has enabled us to develop proven processes that meet or exceed strict medical requirements. We provide a range of polishing methods for orthopedic parts and instruments, including vibratory and centrifugal barrel polishing. In addition to polishing, ISO Finishing offers the following services for the medical industry:

  • Deflashing
  • Anodizing
  • Radiusing
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning

If you’d like to learn more about ISO Finishing’s services or request a free sample, please contact our team.

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