We would consider ourselves to be one of the leading mass finishing service and solutions provider in the United States. Using and distributing the best products in the industry is very important to us at ISO Finishing. It is the main reason we are so excited to announce that we will now be a distributor of the Australian mass finishing technologies brand, BV Products, in the United States. We pride ourselves on providing the best surface finishing solutions. By partnering up with BV Products to provide ease of access of BV products to job shops across the United States is a huge step for us and for others in the industry. These precision engineered machines provide revolutionary design enhancements to make vibratory systems an integral part of any finishing program.

Mike Klein, owner of ISO Finishing, is thrilled to partner with BV Products and showcase their mass finishing systems because he feels they are one of the best companies in the industry to manufacture a vibratory bowl machine that competes at the same level as other well-known machines. Mike believes it is an honor for ISO Finishing to able to be the first U.S. Distributor.

ISO Finishing has been specializing in providing mass finishing services and solutions for all major industries including medical, aerospace, dental, automotive, OEM, military and firearm industries for years. We have also recently revealed that it has added the Technovibe BV12B vibratory bowl machine to their machines used at their facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Jim Riley, president of BV Products had this to say, “We are delighted with our partnership with ISO Finishing and look forward to the mutual success this will bring to each company. In the end, the customers are the winners by having access to such a wide array of finishing solutions.”

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