Some manufacturing processes require large-scale quantities of parts to be finished at the same time for best results. Some of these processes are burnishing, deburring, cleaning, deflashing, descaling and polishing. Additionally, these processes can be set up as a batch system where workpieces are added, run, and removed or as a continuous-system configuration where pieces enter one end and emerge finished at the other end. Another scenario is to set up the process in a sequence and run workpieces through a number of mass finishing processes. Finishing metal is considered to be as much an art as it is a science.

About Deburring
During the manufacturing process machined or stamped parts can have burrs or extremely sharp edges . Without removing these burrs and sharp edges from the parts these imperfections can damage other metal parts. Welding, cutting, molding, grinding and shearing also produce a plethora of burrs or inconsistencies that require removal, or at a minimum, blending in. Deburring, as a general term, is often part of the finishing process. It is also a prerequisite to numerous other processes such as powder coating and electroplating.

Finishing Tools and Processes
There are a number of additional tools used in the finishing process including wire wheels, files, abrasive clothes, and grinding machines. However, mass finishing has its advantages when large scale deburring results are desired.

Industries That Benefit from Mass Finishing
Industries that can benefit from finishing on a mass scale include dental, aerospace, automotive, OEM, pharmaceutical, hydraulic, military, and firearm. However, any industry that manufactures metal parts is a likely candidate for deburring and metal polishing services.

What to Expect from a Precision Finishing Company
At ISO Finishing, we can offer short lead times and the personal customer service that companies deserve. We offer free sample processing. ISO Finishing offers full-service finishing shop including deburring of nearly any type of metal, plastic, rubber, silicone and most other materials. Most importantly, ISO Finishing’s deburring processes leave the processed parts in their original geometry and critical measurements.ISO Finishing is a privately held company with a family business culture that is committed to high quality finishing results and the best customer service available anywhere. We are small enough to be personal and agile with the experience, equipment, and trained finishing professionals able to handle any sized project that comes our way.