Since their creation, firearms have been in high demand in America and around the world. Manufacturers have quickly learned that interchangeable parts are necessary to meet this demand efficiently. ISO Finishing provides firearm polishing for firearm component manufacturers to develop the perfect finish for every application or part. We are experienced with nearly every type of material commonly used in firearm finishing applications.

Benefits of Refinishing

Just because a firearm is old or used doesn’t mean that it has little or no value. Even in rough condition, a firearm can be stripped of its parts, cleaned-up and then reconditioned to near new condition. Many manufacturers outsource the stripping, cleaning and refinishing of firearm parts and then re-enter them back into production. ISO Finishing can take parts that have been machined, cast or molded and remove the residue from past use or an extended lack of use. We can refinish each piece through our high energy barrel finishing machining process. We have the capabilities to work with all types of materials and the experience to use the proper process making sure not to change geometries or damage the part.

ISO Finishing’s Qualifications

In addition to our precision finishing solutions for both new and used firearm components and parts, we also do heavy deburring, descaling, polishing and deflashing. ISO Finishing can strip parts of any rough residual particles, flashings or parting lines. We can take used parts and refinish them with the appropriate materials so they can be used again. Our customers can be assured that once finished, no residual or harmful chemicals will remain on parts. Every item is inspected or certified before being released to a customer.

Meeting Expectations

ISO Finishing focuses on customer service and customizes our products to meet our partner’s specific and individual needs. We offer fast turn-around times, usually 2-3 days, and can handle orders of any size. We offer free sample processing and design services to ensure that you will be impressed with our finishing services before you begin working with us. Our processes are all eco-friendly and of the highest quality available in the industry.

Our ISO Finishing team is comprised of onsite engineers and finishing technicians who have years of firearm finishing experience. Contact us today at 1-844-623-7998 or visit us at

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