Despite the advantages of additive manufacturing of being able to print metal, plastic, or composite 3D printed parts, there are challenges related to the surface finish. Challenges can be alleviated with partners in post-processing. We can help  diagnose uneven surfaces, increase durability, and improve the overall appearance. Some  issues can stem from the method of printing or layering of material, the size and deviation of the layers, part orientation in the working envelope, material particle size range and its reaction to the AM process. Our team can offer solutions to improve part quality and 3D printing and post processing efficiency.

Finishing Factors in 3D Manufacturing

  • Material
  • Shape of the part
  • Thickness
  • Weight
  • Intended function

Surface Finish Quality Standards

There is an increase in 3D printed parts for use in the medical and aerospace fields, but specific materials have their own challenges. For example, 3D printing of metal parts comes with greater surface roughness than CNC machining, casting, or metal injection molding. ISO Finishing has the certifications and documentation required to meet industry standards and provide a quality driven surface finish process. We partner with additive manufacturers to allow OEMs more opportunities in creating a surface finish complementing the benefits of 3D printing.

Sample Processing

Standard post-processing methods bring challenges when it comes to finishing parts of complex shapes. We do free sample processing to show you our ability to meet your finishing standards. We recommend the surface finish requirements be defined before choosing a 3D printing method, but sometimes that’s tough to do. Our team can help set expectations with speed of build and knowing how to reduce manufacturing steps (and cost) associated with post processing.

3D Printing and Post Processing Finishing Benefits

  • Smooth uneven surfaces
  • Increase durability
  • Boost electrical conductivity
  • Improve appearance

ISO Finishing is a national provider of process technology for surface finishing (deburring, descaling, sand removal, grinding, and polishing). Our goal is to support OEMs within the Additive Manufacturing field with continued expansion of engineered shapes and geometries, without having to sacrifice surface finish.

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