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As the mass finishing industry tries harder to achieve surface perfection for all industries, interest has focused more closely than ever before on the micro-finishing processes like superfinishing. Superfinishing processes can vary, but each process is designed to generate a specific type of surface finish and to correct specific types irregularities. Whichever finishing process is developed and used, it is a necessary last step in the machining sequence for a precision part. ISO Finishing ensures the accuracy of any surface-finishing process. There are a wide variety of methods that can be employed to achieve the best surface finish. ISO Finishing can help you develop the most advanced process required for your project providing process design, engineered procedures and customized designated validation services. We can help you determine which machine type and size will work best, along with the what media and compounds to use. The engineers at ISO Finishing understand that the precision components being finished will be used in some of the most advanced equipment in the world. These high-powered machines need absolute, reliable, high-quality components to function to specification. One small defect can have potentially disastrous consequences. This means different processes, machines and media forms must be developed specifically for each component to achieve the optimal surface finish. Which is why we are partnered with two of best mass finishing machine manufactures in the world; Mass Finishing Inc (MFI) and BV Products. Being a distributor for each of these world renown companies truly allows us the unique ability to provide our customers with the ultimate mass finishing solution for any component within any industry.

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