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We Specialize in Surface Preparation Services for Cast, Molded, Machined and Fabricated Components.

ISO Finishing has the experience and equipment to be your one-stop shop for product finishing. As a mass and metal finishing company, we offer process design and free sample processing services to meet the needs of our customers. We have the expertise to do all types of high energy and vibratory metal finishing. Our processes are environmentally safe and our experienced team is capable of working with all types of materials in any volume.

Focus on Metal Finishing

Custom metal finishing, deburring and metal polishing services require extensive resources plus a company with vast amounts of experience and expertise. There are also demanding quality control and documentation requirements that need to be maintained. Our customers outsource their mass finishing work to us so they can focus on innovating and distributing their products instead of having to worry about the finishing of their parts. We save our customers time and money by bringing their products to surface perfection and in the process become long-term partners.

Finishing Services

Whether your parts require high-energy isotropic finishing or simple surface finishing, we have the capabilities to meet any of your quality  metal finishing needs. Some of our in-house services include Deburring Services, Descaling Services, Abrasive Blasting, Deflashing Services, Radiusing and Ultrasonic Cleaning Services. Through our connections with our vetted suppliers, we are also able to offer Anodizing, Chrome Plating and other secondary finishing operations.

Although our company is known for custom metal finishing, we work with a variety of materials including plastic, rubber, ceramic, titanium and associated super alloys. At ISO Finishing, we understand the unique properties of titanium and have tailored our titanium finishing services create the specific finish required for your particular project.

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Our Metal Finishing Process

Our finishing process allows our customers to keep contaminants, such as silica, out of their production line. We start with the cast, machined or molded parts, remove all rough and residual particles, enabling parts to safely be re-introduced back into the final production line. Our barrel finishing machines use a wide selection of metal polishing media and abrasives to deburr and polish the parts. When combined with our ultrasonic cleaning services, customers can rest assured their parts are ready for the next manufacturing step.

Short Lead Times

In most cases, we can offer our customers a turnaround time of three (3) business days or less. Our process does not change the basic geometry of the part, regardless of part complexity, so it will enter seamlessly back into your production process.

We also have partnered with industry leaders to offer additional services. Some of these services include abrasive blasting, powder coating, chrome plating, straightlining, grinding, and part degreasing and cleaning.

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Our team members have the expertise to tackle efficiently any project to produce quality results. Call our experts today to learn more about our metal finishing services.

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