BV Products: Waste Water Treatment

The manufacturing process consists of traditional stamping, forming, casting, machining etc of various metals. However, once the pieces are made, they must be finished, usually inside and out and burrs removed. This can be accomplished using mass finishing of course, which also carries with it its own particular waste treatment provisions.

As with any mass or in particular vibratory finishing application, a slow, continuous stream of water is fed into the bowls for lubrication of the parts and finishing media. The water discharged from the process contains metal fragments and degraded media that require disposal. Flushing the water down the sewer is no longer an option due to the metal and other solids content of the effluent, not to mention the possibility of clogged pipes due to the ceramic and plastic media fines. Until recently, disposal was time consuming and very expensive, but recent developments in the use of small centrifuges and/or paper media using filtration units have not only made treatment prior to disposal down sewers possible they have led in some instances to waste-water being able to be cleaned to the point it can be re-used in the machines many times over.
BV Products manufactures a range of equipment that provide practical solutions to the problem of treating the waste from mass finishing processes. These include, centrifuges, paper bed /band filters, simple settling/recycling tanks and more comprehensive systems that can be a combination of all the aforementioned that allow the recycling of waste water.

RCT Series

RCT tanks are in-expensive, self- contained units that utilises “under over” settling of solids and they can be used in two different ways. In simple polishing processes using non-degrading medias (like porcelain) they can offer water and compound return to the machine for re-use for a number of days. If wearing medias are used the tank can be set up as a non-return system to simply settle solids and transfer the cleaned water via the integrated pump to sewer or other collection system. Please note that RCT tanks are NOT waste water treatment systems.

PFA Series

PFA – Paper band/bed filter units are semi-automatic, simplified membrane filters. The principle is simple. The units consist of a stainless steel mesh conveyor which supports a continuous length of filter paper. Waste water from the finishing operation passes on to the filter paper. Eventually the section under the discharge hose “blinds” or clogs and a puddle forms on the paper. Once it reaches a pre-set depth a float rises and trips the servo motor which indexes a fresh section of paper into place. At the end of a working day the waste paper is simply cut of and disposed in a hard waste container. The PFA units come in a number of sizes and capacities

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