ISO Finishing Quality Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

ISO Finishing is now a certified ISO9001:2015 registered company.ISO Finishing ensures all parts are serviced based on a process that has been approved by the customer. Once the customer has approved the samples, clear written instructions are generated for the finishing operation. First off / last off samples, together with comparative approved parts, ensure that uniform, consistent results are achieved throughout the process. All parts are digitally photographed and incorporated with the record of the process information for identification and security.

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FFL Licensed

ISO Finishing is registered with a Federal Firearms License (FFL). As outlined in the Gun Control Act of 1968, this license allows us to engage in the business pertaining to the manufacture of firearms and ammunition or the interstate and intrastate sale of firearms.

CAGE Code Registered

ISO Finishing is registered CAGE supplier with the Federal Government in order to be awarded contracts. The Commercial And Government Entity (CAGE) Code is an assigned number used extensively within the federal government, assigned by the Department of Defense’s Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The CAGE Code supports a variety of mechanized systems throughout the government and provides a standardized method of identifying a given legal entity at a specific location.

ISO Finishing is a proud member of the Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association. MPMA is a collection of leading companies, consisting of precision and advancing manufacturing businesses. MPMA is for the betterment of workforce development, legislative changes that impact manufacturers, and work with other associations to have a positive impact on the image and importance of precision manufacturing.

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