Saving Time with Machine Surface Finishing

At ISO Finishing, it’s about saving time without sacrificing surface quality. Deburring of parts and finishing of machined components used to be a manual process, but technology has automated the process, allowing for mechanical finishing of many parts simultaneously. This saves manufacturers production time, which in turn saves money.

Our high-quality, high-powered machines address burrs, hard scale build-up, hard-to-reach areas, negative part performance, parting lines from castings, poor surface cleanliness, premature part failure, removal of oxidation, sharp edges, sizing issues, surface contaminants, surface roughness, and other surface imperfections.

Increased Production by 2800%

ISO finishing recently helped a leading aerospace manufacturing company increase production by 2,800%. The customer was averaging 40 minutes to improve the surface finishing on a single control component. By listening to the customer, evaluating and testing the component, our engineers created a custom finishing plan. By matching the component to the proper machine, tumbling media, and process, ISO Finishing was able to produce 28 parts with more consistent and better surface results in the same 40 minutes. ISO Finishing was able to increase production by 2800% over the previous parts finishing method.

Benefits of Proper Parts Finishing

  • Create operational efficiencies with your manufacturing processes that allow large quantities of parts to be simultaneously finished.
  • Improve quality and strength of parts and components.
  • Improve surface finish.
  • Improve part performance.
  • Increase production times to improve cash flow.
  • Reduce assembly time.
  • Increase safety.
  • Improve part consistency.

Improve Quality and Production Consistency

Our engineers, finishing machines, and tumbling media all work together to develop specific requirements for each component to achieve the optimal surface finish. We offer a wide range of surface finishing processes from barrel tumbling, centrifugal barrel finishing, separating systems, and processing stations. Our engineers understand that the precision required in post-machining operations will be used in some of the most advanced equipment in the world. Our high-quality processes result in parts and components being transformed to the required finish specification every time.

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