Firearm Finishing Services




Firearm Finishing for Manufacturers

Since the discovery of gunpowder, people have been designing and building all makes and models of firearms. What started out as a simple means of igniting the powder to propel the projectile through the barrel has evolved into a high precision set of manufactured firearm components. The improved fit and finish has allowed for the increased reliability and performance of today’s precision firearm components and overall finished product.

The firearms industry is in a continual flux of change and improvement. Some of the ongoing updates include the incorporation of exotic alloys, new means of manufacturing and the refined functionality of the final assemblies. The surface finish of each individual component or part is integral to the final assembly performance and in meeting these increasingly stringent design specifications.

Interchangeable Parts

As seen in complex and innovative modern designs, interchangeable parts have become staples of all precision manufacturing, some most notably in the firearm industry. Many of today’s firearms components are stamped, injection molded, 3D printed or layered in an additive process and then micro machined into the final part. Engineers have pushed material development of super alloys, reduced corrosion, friction and plating applications, as well as innovative processing techniques to make interchangeable parts a reality. Likewise, consumers have pushed for ever increasing customization options to go along with the increased repeatability and performance of each firearm.

Refined and Repeatable Firearm Finishing

In working as partners with both major and niche firearms manufacturing companies, ISO Finishing has been able to develop and perfect specific finishing methods and recipes to precisely fit each unique, targeted application. Some parts may require heavy deburring with any number of ceramic or stainless steel media and solution mixtures while others may require the final finesse of a specially engineered combinations organic media.

Some of the many components we have finished with various firearm finishing methods include:

  • Aluminum machined receivers
  • Carbon alloy frames
  • Open field sites
  • Firing pins
  • Stainless steel slides
  • Custom casings and munitions
  • Cast frames
  • Vented ribs

We are capable of handling projects of any size or complexity along with any number of metals and alloys. Our facility can efficiently process prototype runs to ongoing production runs in the tens of thousands.

ISO Finishing is the experienced and ideal partner for firearm manufacturing and firearm component manufacturing companies. We simply produce the best firearm component finishes in the industry. To learn more or for fee sample processing, contact us at 1-844-623-7998.