ZA Series: Vibratory Bowl System

ZA450 vibratory bowlVibratory bowls provide a versatile, cost effective means of finishing and are the familiar workhorse of many manufacturers. Today’s wide selection of media and finishing compounds have renewed it’s viability as part the finishing operation.

The frequency and amplitude of the machine controls the finish of the parts. The frequencies can vary from 900 to 3600 cycles per minute and the amplitude can vary from 0 to 3⁄16 in. High frequencies, 1800 CPM or greater, and small amplitudes are used for fine finishes or delicate parts, whereas large amplitudes are used for heavier cutting. High frequencies and amplitudes can roll burrs and peen edges. The circulation of parts is best at higher frequencies, therefore, heavy pieces are run at these high frequencies with moderate amplitudes of 3⁄32 to 1⁄8 in.