CEntrifugal Barrel Finishing Equipment

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Main Motor: 3 HP
Voltage: 230/460
Total Capacity: 1.4 Cu. Ft.
Shipping Weight: 1280 lbs.
Dimensions: 47″x38″x49″
Max RPM: 225
Barrel Dividers: Not Available



Two-Sided Barrels: 8.75″x5.75”
Bolted-End Barrels: 11″x5.875″
Latched-End Barrels: 12.5″x6.875″
Half-Size Barrels: 5.375″x6.875″


The HZ-40 is a compact industrial deburring and polishing machine. The HZ-40 features four styles of removable barrels. The barrels sit in four cradles which are mounted on a turret. During operation, the turret spins and the barrels remain fixed creating a rolling wave-like motion inside the barrel. Small medical divices such as heart valves and stints, knees and other implants can be finished using multiple steps. These machines are also excellent in the 3D printing industry for improving surface Ra from 400-800 to below 32.

By purchasing a second set of four barrels, the operator can run one set of barrels while they are loading and preparing another. This can dramatically reduce downtime on the machine.

The HZ-40 works well in small places like dental and medical device labs or in cell productions. Despite its smaller stature, it still packs the same high-end finishing punch of its bigger counterparts.

In a matter of minutes this deburr tool can clean up metal, acrylic or rubber and other materials. They can drastically reduce the finishing time over vibratory machines.


The finish achieved by these machines is isotropic, meaning parts are polished uniformly and evenly in all directions, something that cannot be achieved by hand. Variable speed control allow these tumbling machines to achieve whatever finish the operator desires, from a simple polish at low speed, to full scale deburring and edge radiusing at full RPM.

How It Works

Centrifugal barrel finishing machines operate on the “Ferris Wheel” principle with a one-to-one ratio of barrel rotation to turret rotation. Each of the four barrels is loaded to roughly 50-80% full of media, parts, water, and compound. During operation, rotation of the turret creates a sliding force inside the barrel. This motion causes parts and media to contact each other in random or isotropic directions. The resulting finish is consistent across the entire surface of the part. MFI provides complete sample processing and stocks all required media and supplies.

One machine, Four Barrel Options

Two-Sided barrels

  • Allows for use of dividers
  • Heavy duty cam locks

Bolt-end Barrels

  • Best for high pressure
  • Removable polyurethane liner

Latched-End Barrels

  • Largest capacity
  • Snapping latches for quick lid removal

Half-size Barrels

  • Light and easy to get in and out of machine
  • Latches for quick lid removal

Available Options and Accessories

Parts and Media Separator

Make the media and part separation process simple with our free standing media separator. Dump full barrels on the vibratory screen and watch as the media and your parts separate.

Processing Table and Tank

Reduce the mess from the process with MFI’s processing table and sludge tank. Sediment from your tumbling process is collected and easily cleaned out.

PLC Touchscreen Interface

Store processes as recipes in this PLC touchscreen interface. This unit replaces the analog cycle start buttons and allows for better monitoring of machine use and time.

Extra barrels

Dramatically reduce your downtime on the machine by purchasing a second set of barrels. The operator can load and unload while the machine is running.

Which MFI Product is right for you?

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