Vibratory Driers

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HD Series

BV Products has designed a new range of cost effective vibratory corn cob driers. The new HD series dryer is an all cast polyurethane batch machine fitted with an industrial single phase hot air drier. The wet components are loaded into the machine by hand and travel automatically through the pre-heated drying media around the process chamber. When dry the components can then be easily unloaded by hand into containers ready for supply.

Heated cob dryers are suitable for the smallest and largest applications. This includes both steel fabricated units and our latest, cost effective Poly bowl design. Vibratory dryers use heated ground organic material to dry parts after a wet finishing process. They also clean any residue left on parts in preparation for plating or coating. Available with dust extraction options, these dryers can be used standalone or integrated into fully automated finishing systems. Utilizing either a unique direct heat- band technology or hot air blower, our cob dryers are efficient, safe and effective.

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